The Conceptual Pedagogy:

With this application oriented development of intelligence through training ANALYSTS SYMBOLIC pedagogical model, we have achieved excellent results on state tests (SABER 5 ° 9 ° 11 °) and UPPER LEVEL IN ICFES.

Emotional Intelligence:

We tend to the development of the human being and interpersonal interpersonal level, ie the ability to project manager as a positive society, as a change agent that strengthens your day spiritual part and generates excellent relationships with family, friends, colleagues and others need to interact with

Student Life Project:

It is a responsibility of the school and the family to help the student to plan, implement and evaluate their life project, repeating an ongoing accompaniment that identifies and enhances the skills and abilities of students and complies with the following phases:

Phase of Project Development Student Life


AGE Aprox (Years)

Vocational exploration



Of first to I Conscript
6 a 10
Vocational Guidance BASIC ELEMENTARY Sixth and Seventh 11 y 12
Vocational Location SECONDARY BASIC Eighth and Ninth 13 y 14
Career Development MEDIA Ten and eleven 15 y 16

Centers of Interest:

The school has 34 centers of interest, which are teams that leadership a teacher looking to develop the skills of students. They come in athletic, artistic, scientific, cultural leadership, academics, etc.. Each student voluntarily joins a focus and for every Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. develops projects and represent the institution at district and national competitions, related to their skills. equally during the annual science fair exhibit their achievements, showing that educational success is achieved when students strive passionate about their own goals


Since five years ago the Santo Domingo College was formed in a bilingual institution, for it intensified the English in all grades, with the art of music I instill issued completely in English and is currently also science to fifth in this language all that with the support of experts to ensure real progress in communication bilingual curriculum development without neglecting.

Coordination with technical education:

Our students can choose to develop the FOOD PROCESSING TECHNICIAN simultaneously with the average education is, for this we have articulation agreement with SENA. Also developed the emphasis on driving, computer and English ensuring recovery in this way that our graduates have sufficient tools to enter the employment or continue their studies at a higher level with a clear focus of their potential.

Research and technology:

Education must remain in continuous update process, therefore promote long research and innovation in our different areas, with the aim of responding to the best way to flexible and competitive requirements arising from the globalized world in which our students should develop.

Quality Certification:

EL be certified as under the EFQM model has allowed us to remain in a continuous evaluation process that identifies areas for improvement and develops strategic plans, thus providing a planned education organized, implemented and evaluated.